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Personal details

The man himself

Name: Timothy Peter Hart
email: tim@fugue.org 

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The photo was taken on one of those rare
occasions when I had to look smart.


I think this project is really cool. The principle is that instead of having your computer just wasting time and electricity while the screen saver is running, it can be doing something useful instead, analysing radio telescope data as part of the great search to discover if we really are alone. Follow the link to learn more.

Encryption and Authentication

I use PGP for signing and encrypting email. In my view, it is the best universal option for security and privacy in email. It is now available legally in most countries of the world from http://www.pgp.com. Our public keys can be downloaded from the links on the right.


My Master Signing Key
My Main key

My Work Key
My mobile key
Trish's Key

I have been notarised in the Web of Trust by Thawte. Rather than just paying a fee for a certificate, it means some real people have actually seen my ID and affirmed that I am who I say I am. Follow the link to their site to see what this means.

I have also been notarised as an Assurer by CAcert.org, the not-for-profit authority based in Australia.. Follow the link to their site to see what this means



One more thing - I am a member of a PGP introducers group called the Gossamer Spider Web of Trust. We are a group set up to expand the trust model of PGP, through mutual assurance of Identity and cross signing. The web site is http://www.gswot.org - have a look for more details.

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